High-Risk Obstetrics: Proven Ways to Reduce the Chances Of High Risk Pregnancy

Sat 07, 2023
Home High-Risk Obstetrics: Proven Ways to Reduce the Chances Of High Risk Pregnancy

Are you considering pregnancy and are alarmed about the possibility of complications? You should gain insight into the reasons that increase the probability of high-risk pregnancy. This will help you reduce the chances of its occurrence.

Main Causes of High-Risk Pregnancy
Pre-existing conditions are the main reasons a pregnancy is considered high risk. You can be older or younger than recommended for a pregnancy. In addition, you may be carrying multiples, having diabetes or a thyroid. Kidney disease or an autoimmune disorder can also make you vulnerable. Lastly, if you have had a miscarriage in the past, your pregnancy becomes high risk by default.
You should share such instances with your doctor or midwife before you become pregnant. In case that is not possible, let them know as soon as you become pregnant. This can ensure you and your baby the care you need to be healthy.

Let us share with you five ways to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications
Many causes of a high-risk pregnancy are out of your control. However, there are things you can do to give yourself and your baby the best chances for a normal pregnancy and a natural birth.

Begin Your Pregnancy at A Good Weight
Having a healthy weight helps immensely in reducing the chances of complications. Being
underweight can lead to poor nutrition for the growing baby and a premature birth. On the other hand, being overweight can lead to a smaller baby than was expected. It further  increases your chances of preeclampsia. It is a complication that is associated with high blood pressure and organ damage, often to the liver and kidneys.

Plan Pregnancy During Prime Childbearing Years
Right age can help you be strong and ready to withstand pregnancy and childbirth. If you are under the age of 20, you may not have finished growing completely. This can make pregnancy hard on you and your baby. In case you are over the age of 35 and having your first baby, the risk of complications and birth defects increases further.

Share Preexisting Conditions with Doctor
Make your practitioner aware of any health issues of yours. In case you take daily medications or supplements, or have chronic illness, do tell your practitioner. This will help them develop a
pregnancy and birthing plan according to your existing challenges.

Enquire Ways to Reduce Pregnancy Loss
Ask around for possible cervical incompetence if you have ever suffered a pregnancy loss or
miscarriage. This is even more important if the miscarriage happened after the first trimester.

Refrain From Drinking or Smoking
Drinking and smoking during pregnancy can lead to birth defects, premature birth, and low birth weight.
Hope you found this information helpful. Wishing you well with your pregnancy!!

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