OB-GYN vs. Perinatologist; Who Does What? Get to know the Key Differences.

Sat 09, 2023
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Whom will you consult if you are facing some complications with your pregnancy: an OB-GYN or a Perinatologist? To answer this, one must be well aware of the difference between an OB-GYN and a Perinatologist. Thinking of how exactly a Perinatologist is different from an OB-GYN?
In today’s society, where approximately 20% of all pregnancies are classified as “high risk” each year, Perinatologists play a significant role, you can’t miss. Nowadays, most pregnant women consult both obstetricians and Perinatologists at the same time. Why is it like this? We will guide you with a comprehensive overview and help you sort it out.

Difference between a Perinatologist and an Obstetrician?
A Perinatologist or a maternal-fetal medicine specialist is an obstetrician who has specialized in dealing with high-risk pregnancies. Usually, a Perinatologist has received three additional years of training in dealing with complex medical and surgical complications of pregnancy management.
They can also diagnose, manage, and treat both the mother and child in dealing with different fetal conditions, including genetic disorders. Simply put, all Perinatologist doctors are OB-GYNs, while not all OB-GYNs are Perinatologists.

Why would you see a Perinatologist?
Most OBGYNs can handle most minor pregnancy complications; however, if the condition worsens or is beyond their regular OBGYN’s expertise, they themselves directly refer you to a Perinatologist. OBGYNs often consult with a Perinatologist to get a second opinion. Remember, although all OB- GYNs can effectively care for at-risk pregnancies, it is always a great idea to add a Perinatologist to your pregnancy care. That’s why today’s women consult Perinatologist along with their regular OB- GYN for routine pregnancy appointments.
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